The nature of our school

1. We want our children to feel at home

Our learning spaces are arranged and conducted with the intention of creating an atmosphere that reflects a peaceful home. A beautiful, simple, uncluttered, creative classroom space creates a sense of calm, order and security for our children.

2. We keep our class sizes small

Small classes allow us to maintain a "home" schooling environment where every child gets the attention they need.

3. We love our garden

We value a hands-on approach to education through engagement and discovery with our natural environment. We spend lots of time enjoying ourselves outside in our beautiful garden.

4. We value great books, music and art

The great ideas of men and women of history are revealed in their works - their witings, their music, their paintings. We believe that interaction with great ideas of the past is invaluable in the broadening of our children's perspectives and the nurturing of their ability to think, consider, reason and make decisions.

5. We take play seriously

Young children learn best through play. When children play they are actively thinking, experimenting, and exploring as they make sense of their world, learn to relate to one another, develop creative thinking and begin to understand their place in a community. Socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically - children grow when they play! No matter what the activity, child-directed, teacher-guided play is a vital part of our approach to learning.